Remote Therapy for New York & New Jersey



Life can be demanding, and attending in-person counseling sessions may not always be feasible. That's where we come in with our telehealth services, providing you with a convenient and accessible way to receive the support and care you need.

Telehealth is a modern approach to counseling that allows you to connect with our experienced therapists through live video conferencing. It's as simple as having a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. This means you can access our counseling services from the comfort of your own space, whether you're at home, at work, or anywhere else.

With telehealth, you can enjoy several benefits, including the convenience of seamlessly integrating therapy into your day without the need for commuting or schedule rearrangements. You can engage in therapy in a familiar and relaxing environment, ensuring your comfort and privacy.

No matter where you live or your mobility constraints, telehealth ensures that you can still access the support you need. Your telehealth sessions are conducted in a secure and confidential virtual space.

Getting started is a breeze. You can easily book your telehealth appointment directly online, streamlining the process and making it hassle-free. Take that vital first step toward your mental health and well-being by contacting us today.

At Love Light Mental Health Counseling Services, PLLC, our commitment is to provide you with the support you require, wherever you are. Embrace the advantages of telehealth and embark on your journey toward personal growth and healing with us.


Our team is ready to understand your needs and answer any questions you might have. Please send us a message. A member of our team will respond via email or text within 24-72 business hours.