• Moya Sinclair, MS, MHC-LP

    Hey there! My name is Moya Sinclair and I am a Limited Permit Mental Health Counselor. I am delighted to be part of your mental health journey. After studying for my Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I completed internships at both an eating disorder clinic and a private counseling practice. During my internships, I had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients from children to seniors, including people experiencing anxiety, depression, work or relationship-related stressors, eating disorders and mood disorders, both allistic and neurodivergent. At the eating disorder clinic, I learned the importance of the relationship people have with food and how diet, culture and the expectations that society poses on individuals can interfere with true health and wellness. While at the private practice, I learned how to work with a wider range of clients to support their mental health needs using an adaptive, individualized approach.

    In our counseling sessions together, I will work to give you the tools needed to meet your own goals – for example, setting appropriate boundaries and maintaining mutually-beneficial relationships. I use a strength-based approach, pulling from modalities such as play therapy, Gestalt Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Existentialism, often utilizing techniques such as deep breathing and mindfulness to help you become more self-aware and grounded. Each person’s journey is unique so I understand the importance of creating a unique therapeutic relationship that is sensitive to your culture, background, and personal history.

    A little bit more about me personally – I am a Jamaican immigrant who came to central NY at the age of 8 and promptly proclaimed, “Mom, it feels like a freezer out here!” I have since acclimated to the climate and in my spare time, I enjoy camping and kayaking with my family and playing the djembe in drum circles. I love to find beauty and humor in everyday life and live my life with ‘Ubuntu’ in mind. ‘Ubuntu’ roughly translates to “I am because you are,” and reminds us that as humans, we are social creatures and often rely on one another for support, guidance, and counsel, and that it is okay to seek support when needed. Use the button below to schedule an appointment with a member of our intake team. I look forward to meeting you and talking more!

    Professional Disclosure Statement

    QUALIFICATIONS: I am accruing clinical hours toward my graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling. I am working as a Mental Health Counselor under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

    SUPERVISION: I practice under the supervision of Sherene S. Henry, MS, LMHC, NCC (#012789). Supervision is utilized to develop the counselor’s range of clinical interventions in the counseling profession, through case review, discussion, shadowing, and note review. It is a place to become a competent practitioner by developing the necessary skills and practice of counseling.  Supervisors are bound to the same level of confidentiality as the treating clinician.

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