• Michael C. Gardner, MSEd, MHC-LP

    My name is Michael C. Gardner and I am a Limited Permit Mental Health Counselor.

    I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Science in Education with a focus on School Counseling, and received my Certificate of Advanced Study in Mental Health Counseling. I have worked in the Foster Care System with New York Foundling, focusing on adolescents in crisis. I have worked at Mount Sinai Hospital as a Care Coordinator in the Health Home Program, focusing on adults suffering from inadequate care of physical and mental health. I spent the last seven years working in New York City Department of Education High Schools helping teens find their voice in and out of the classroom. 

    I’ve gained knowledge of different therapeutic techniques such as Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Reality Therapy, and more. I also have knowledge of NYC school systems and ways to navigate them using Social Emotional Learning. I have knowledge of Career Counseling, Mental Health First Aid, LBGTQIA+ advocacy and more. 

    I am happy to have received my Limited Permit, which puts me one step closer to licensure and owning my own therapy practice. I’d like to continue to give back to the community in different ways, offering as many resources as possible to help individuals better themselves.

    A little more about me… I have steadily attended therapy for the last 3 years. I usually have a game like Jenga, a card deck, or cup pong etc. on me wherever I go. In my free time, I like reading, learning more about myself and different ways I can grow. Lastly, I would really love to learn to play an instrument. 

    Love Light Mental Health Counseling Services, PLLC has given me the platform to use my eclectic skills to provide Love in places where it’s hard to find and Light at the end of the tunnel for all those in need. If you’d like to work with me, please use the contact button below to fill out a consultation form or schedule a free meeting with a member of our intake team. I look forward to working with you! 

    Professional Disclosure Statement

    Qualifications: I have completed my graduate education and field work experience which has satisfied the requirements of the New York State Education Department. I am qualified to work as a Mental Health Counselor under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am accruing clinical hours toward full, independent licensure as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

    Supervision: I practice under the supervision of Sherene S. Henry, MS, LMHC, NCC (#012789). Supervision is utilized to develop the counselor’s range of clinical interventions in the counseling profession, through case review, discussion, shadowing, and note review. It is a place to become a competent practitioner by developing the necessary skills and practice of counseling.  Supervisors are bound to the same level of confidentiality as the treating clinician.

    Love Light Mental Health Counseling Services, PLLC