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Jonathan Richards, MA, MHC-LP

Jonathan Richards, MA, MHC-LP

Psychotherapist, New York

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Jonathan Richards is committed to empowering clients by placing them in the driver's seat of their therapeutic journey. He emphasizes a strength-based, person-centered approach that allows clients to take ownership of their healing process, resulting in more sustained and profound changes.

Areas of Focus

Jonathan works primarily with adults, couples, and families, providing support that addresses both long-term developmental needs and acute psychological symptoms. His practice focuses on empowering clients to manage their emotional responses and behavior patterns through personalized therapeutic strategies.

Therapeutic Approach

Jonathan employs a person-centered approach complemented by behavioral techniques to foster both immediate relief and long-term wellness:

  • Person-Centered Therapy: This foundational approach puts clients at the authority of their own experiences, focusing on harnessing their inherent strengths to address areas of weakness.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Jonathan uses CBT to identify and modify maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This method helps clients understand the reciprocal relationship between their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and environment, facilitating a productive change in their baseline functioning.
  • Behavioral Techniques: These are utilized to manage acute symptoms effectively, allowing clients to achieve stability before moving on to more complex issues such as trauma processing and deeper self-exploration.


Jonathan’s specialized interventions are tailored to address:

  • Trauma: Applying his deep understanding of person-centered therapy and CBT to help clients process and recover from traumatic experiences.
  • Self-Esteem and Anxiety Management: Enhancing clients' self-worth and reducing anxiety through targeted cognitive and behavioral interventions.
  • Complex Family and Relationship Issues: Facilitating improved communication and understanding within relationships and family dynamics.


  • Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from CUNY Baruch College
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Illinois State University

Professional Disclosure Statement

  • Qualifications: Jonathan Richards is in the process of accumulating clinical hours towards his license in Mental Health Counseling. He serves as a Mental Health Counselor with a Limited Permit, operating under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • Supervision: Jonathan Richards’ practice is conducted under the guidance of Paris Johnson (License #093688). This supervisory relationship is instrumental in expanding Jonathan’s repertoire of clinical interventions within the field of counseling. It encompasses activities such as case review, discussion, observation through shadowing, and examination of clinical notes. The objective of this supervision is to foster Jonathan’s growth into a competent counseling practitioner, enhancing his skills and practical application in the field. Similar to the treating clinician, supervisors maintain the same level of client confidentiality, ensuring ethical and private treatment of all cases.


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