• Client Satisfaction Survey

    If you are a current client or a former client, please use these survey forms to give feedback about the therapy experience you received at Love Light Mental Health Counseling Services, PLLC. Your responses will provide important information about how services can be improved in the future. 

    If you wish to participate, research and experience show that the more ongoing feedback you offer your therapist about what is or isn’t working and the more consistently you track your progress over time, the better the outcome of therapy.

    As with all client information, your responses will be kept strictly confidential. Please refer to the privacy policy located in the menu if you have questions about privacy and/or you personal information.

    Thank you for your time.

    Client Satisfaction Survey

    Taking the time to fill out this survey, which is ideally completed at minimum, once every quarter, will greatly assist your therapist in knowing what is working well in therapy. Additionally, if anything needs to be adjusted in the way your therapy is conducted, to help you achieve your goals.

    This survey should take only about 5 minutes to complete (longer if you add comments, which can be very helpful to your therapist).

    Thank you.

    Post-Service Client Satisfaction Survey

    This form is meant to be completed after you have concluded therapy services and have no more scheduled visits. It should take about 5 minutes to complete (more if you wish to add comments). 

    Thank you.

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